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When my oldest munchkin went to kindergarten she didn’t have very much experience using scissors – it wasn’t something I intentionally avoided, it just wasn’t something I hadn’t encouraged or thought about teaching her – LOL!!

So here is a file that can help prepare kids for kindergarten or continue to develop their skills while creating a simple craft!  Distribute the sheets, let the students cut the shapes and match them up and glue onto the template sheet.

There are four files to print / copy (just make sure to figure out how many copies of each page you need):

Simple Cuts – flower (FREE)

Simple Cuts - flower (4)

Page 1 – Template (one per student)

Simple Cuts - flower (3)

Page 2 – Print on green (one section per student)

Simple Cuts - flower (2)

Page 3 – Print on flower color (one section per student)

Simple Cuts - flower (1)

Page 4 – Print on yellow (one circle per student)

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