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Engage your students with this fun recipe activity!   Students can write their version of the recipe and then sheets can be sent home to the parent/guardian so they can provide the actual recipe.  🙂   Bind the students and parent/guardian recipes together and send home for a memory!

This file contains 8 pages of recipe templates. The first 4 pages are identical to the second 4 pages, except the second 4 pages have lighter lines for easier reading of printing! Also, I have included sheets that are designed for younger kids and older kids depending on who you are teaching!

Enjoy this file! This would be good to use for units related to family traditions, holidays, Mother’s Day celebrations, etc!

Check it out at TpT:  Recipe Template


Keep students from getting bored with practicing spelling words by using these Spelling Activity Sheets!

This product contains 17 different spelling activity sheets. (29 pages total: some of the activity sheets have two sheets: one with an example and one completely blank copy.)

These sheets can be used along with a “choose your own assignment” type of spelling homework, morning work, in class work, teamwork, etc.

Check it out at TpT:  Spelling Activity Sheets

Spelling Activity Sheets included:

-Pyramid Words – Write each word on the slant of the pyramid. Next, start with the first letter of the word and add the next letter on each line.

-Across and Down – Write each word horizontally and vertically so that they share the first letter of the word.

-Criss Cross Words – Write two words in each shape:  horizontally and vertically so that they share a letter in the word.

-Silly Shape Words – Write each word by following one of the shape templates below.

-Making Bubble Letters – Print each word (make sure letters are slightly spread apart). Then trace around each letter to make bubbles around each letter.

-Wavy Sentences – Write a wavy sentence using each spelling word. Highlight, color, or circle the spelling word in each sentence.

-Text Message Words – Write each as a spelling word so it looks like you and your friend are creating your spelling list together.

-Synonym Words – Write each spelling word on the right side.  Then write a synonym on the life side so it looks like you and your friend are creating a list together.

-ABC Order – Write the spelling words in ABC Order.  Start with the bubble on the right, then write the next word on the left side so it looks like you and your friend are creating the correct order together.

-Scrabble Words – Write each spelling word. Then, write a math equation using the value for each letter. Next, add up the value of each word. Last, color the word with the highest points.

-Secret Code Words – Write each spelling word. Then, write the secret code symbol for each letter.

-Forward / Backward – Print each word, then write it again backwards.

-UPPERCASE / lowercase – Print each word in UPPERCASE, then write it again in lowercase.

-Word Division – Print each word, but divide the word into syllables like this: cran/ber/ry.  Then sort the words by number of syllables.

-Picture Words – Print each word.  Then draw a picture to illustrate each word.

-Word Train – Write spelling words in each train car to make a spelling word train! Choo choo!!

-Fill the Rainbow – Fill the rainbow by writing each spelling word six times. Start with the longest word at the top. Write each word a different color of the rainbow!

Kids love to see their names and write their names!  I created two activity sheets for kids to practice not only writing their names, but also counting the letters and using tally marks!  Check it out below!

Name Activity Sheet – Bus – Teachers Pay Teachers

Name Activity Sheet – Bus & Train

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