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My kindergartner loves to learn and the more unique the assignment, the better!!   I made these two mazes for my little monkey to practice rhyming words!!   Download them for FREE at the link below!   Also, comment below with what you would like to see in a maze and I’ll create it and add it to the package!



Flash Cards!

My little monkey is ALMOST done with kindergarten and as crazy as that seems, it’s true!   Throughout the year we have implemented a flash card system that honestly, I wish I had when I was in school!!!!!

Check out how we got it done!

First – The supplies (click the pictures to easily order from Amazon!):

  • index cards and marker – I use assorted colors to make the look of the cards more FUN and I simply use a Sharpie marker to write one work on each card.
  • expandable file folders – This four pack on Amazon would work great!  And you can fit 2 sets of cards per expandable file!!
  • star stickers – I’ve tried a few different brands, but these are the ones that work the best and they last a while!!


OK!  Now that you have the supplies, let talk about what to do with them!

  • Write one word on each index card.  For my kindergartner, I started with Fry’s List of 100 words and eventually migrated to the words the kindergarten teacher sent home each week.
  • Label each pocket tab with numbers 1 through 6.  Since the folders I have pictured above have 13 pockets (which is 12 tabs, label 1 through 6 – twice!!  That’s how you’ll be able to sets in each expandable folder!)
  • Next, let’s talk about how to put this all together!


Day 1 – On the first day, you’ll determine how many cards you want to start with – I started with 5 cards (and I add 5 new cards each day as long as Monkey is progressing well!)  You will go over these words with your child and then place them in pocket one.

Day 2 – You will start with pocket number 1…  have them try the words themselves …  the cards that they get correct move onto pocket number 2 and the ones that they get wrong (or hesitated on) will stay in pocket 1.  (At this point you can add new cards to pocket 1 for tomorrow!)

Day 3 – The next time that you work on these words, you will start with pocket 2 …  again, the cards that they get correct will move onto pocket 3, the incorrect words will stay in pocket 2.  THEN, you will go to pocket 1 and again, move the cards they get correct to pocket 2 and the incorrect words will stay in pocket 1.  (You can add new cards to pocket 1 for tomorrow!)

At this point, you are beginning to see the words that they are excelling or struggling with – it’s amazing how this system allows you to see patterns!  For instance, after a few days, you might notice that your child is struggling with any words that start with “th” or end with “y”.

Day 4 – The next time that you work on these words, you will start with pocket 3 …  again, the cards that they get correct will move onto pocket 4, the incorrect words will stay in pocket 3.  THEN, you will go to pocket 2 and again, move the cards they get correct to pocket 3 and the incorrect words will stay in pocket 2.  THEN, you will go to pocket 1 and again, move the cards they get correct to pocket 2 and the incorrect words will stay in pocket 1. (You can add new cards to pocket 1 for tomorrow!)

Day 5 and beyond – each day start with the highest number pocket and work your way back to pocket 1.  You will really see what words are progressing through the pockets and which ones seem to be stuck!  This allows you to give more attention to the words that seem to be stuck in the lower numbers.

So what happens when your child gets them correct once they have reached pocket 6?  Well, that is where the star stickers come in!   We put a star on the word and throw it back in pocket number 1 to go back through the pockets.  Going through the pockets twice will really reinforce the word and also boost their confidence every time they see a word with a star!

You will want to choose how many times the word will go through the system – how many stars each word will receive!  🙂

This system also works for math flash cards, writing practice, spelling, foreign language learning, and even older kids school subjects – anything that you can make flash cards for!!   I wish I had this in college when studying topics!

Happy Learning!!!




Teachers looking for some creative writing prompts? Parents that have kids that love to write short stories, but like to have creative writing prompts? Check out this simple FREE writing journal – just print and bind!



Posted on: November 3, 2017

This is the Chili that I think of when I think Chili — it is the one that my mom has made for as long as I can remember!   Growing up (and I still do!) we would put this Chili over mashed potatoes!!   When I make it now, my husband puts his over elbow macaroni (which is how he did it growing up!)  So I ask you… how do you eat your Chili??

Click here to see the recipe:

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner!!  There are less days of school this month (it’s hard to believe that we are this far into the year, isn’t it?!?!?).  Check out these FREE fun Thanksgiving Jokes and check back for more fall themed and Christmas (EEEK!) jokes!!  How easy to just print and cut!?!?!   Click the link below for the .pdf file!

Lunchbox Notes – Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving - Lunch box Notes

When Munchkin started 2nd grade, was able to read pretty well, and beginning to really love jokes, I started printing jokes and to put in the lunchbox!  Munchkin LOVED it and I send about 3-4 each day!  (Sometimes I throw a sweet note from me in the mix!)

Here’s how I do it!

Open Microsoft Word and select a Business Card template.  When I open my Word program, the 3rd option that comes up is this Business Card template:

How to make lunch box notes

I then delete all the content, begin typing jokes/notes, and spruce them up with graphics!

You can buy the special business card paper, but I just print on cardstock or standard printer paper and cut out the jokes!

Try it out!!   Let me know how it goes!!


You can click a link below and just print one of the files I created!

Thanksgiving Lunch Jokes

So a friend of mine posted on Facebook her dislike of meal and menu planning which sparked comments from other friends about how they complete this tedious task in their routines.

I must admit that I have not always been regimen with this task myself.  When my husband and I were first married, I cooked (and when I say cook, I mean like 4 course meals! LOL) almost every night – I allowed myself to cook “from a box” once a week.  As time went on, I went back to school for my master’s degree, then I got pregnant with Munchkin and there seemed to be less time to dedicate to this task.  Fast forward to life with two kids and I have been “on” and “off” with routines for days that I plan, grocery shop, etc.  We always eat, but it isn’t always a structured well planned out meal.  So how might we fix this problem?

Well, one of the people that commented to my friend’s Facebook post that she uses something called, Plan to Eat.  So I thought I would check it out…

Here is what I found:

First, I found the website, which is:

At the top right, I clicked on the arrow pointing to the right labeled Tour to start reading what this has to offer.  At the very very bottom, there is a video that you can watch that shows how you can input your recipes from cookbooks, family/friends, online, etc, add them to a calendar for planning, create a grocery list and even download an app to view it all!  Sounds pretty awesome to me!  But do I want to commit?

Well, there is a 30 day free trial – NO PAYMENT INFORMATION REQUIRED!   (How awesome is that?!?!)

So sign me up!!  If I like it, I will sign up for a membership during their Black Friday Special!  I will post another blog entry after trying it!  If you check it out, let me know your thoughts!!


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