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Posted on: November 3, 2017

This is the Chili that I think of when I think Chili — it is the one that my mom has made for as long as I can remember!   Growing up (and I still do!) we would put this Chili over mashed potatoes!!   When I make it now, my husband puts his over elbow macaroni (which is how he did it growing up!)  So I ask you… how do you eat your Chili??

Click here to see the recipe:

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner!!  There are less days of school this month (it’s hard to believe that we are this far into the year, isn’t it?!?!?).  Check out these FREE fun Thanksgiving Jokes and check back for more fall themed and Christmas (EEEK!) jokes!!  How easy to just print and cut!?!?!   Click the link below for the .pdf file!

Lunchbox Notes – Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving - Lunch box Notes

When Munchkin started 2nd grade, was able to read pretty well, and beginning to really love jokes, I started printing jokes and to put in the lunchbox!  Munchkin LOVED it and I send about 3-4 each day!  (Sometimes I throw a sweet note from me in the mix!)

Here’s how I do it!

Open Microsoft Word and select a Business Card template.  When I open my Word program, the 3rd option that comes up is this Business Card template:

How to make lunch box notes

I then delete all the content, begin typing jokes/notes, and spruce them up with graphics!

You can buy the special business card paper, but I just print on cardstock or standard printer paper and cut out the jokes!

Try it out!!   Let me know how it goes!!


You can click a link below and just print one of the files I created!

Thanksgiving Lunch Jokes

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