Crazy Wonderful Days

Ice Cream Ball

Posted on: February 9, 2014

We had some friends over last night and they brought the Ice Cream Ball for Munchkin and Monkey to have some fun while making homemade ice cream!!  (I did find it for sale at, here).


The ingredients were simple: heavy cream, sugar, flavoring, and ice. We had all of the ingredients EXCEPT ice! WELL, long story short, we only had 6 ice cubes! LOL!! So…we had to decide: do we run to the store for ice? Or just use the 8 inches of snow outside?


If you guessed snow, you were right!! The snow does not actually go into the ice cream and was only used to make it cold enough to freeze the ice cream. Using snow did make the process about 15 minutes longer than the directions indicated if ice was used, but the results were still great! 🙂


Each time we opened the canister to stir, it was like “magic” to Munchkin and Monkey because it looked more and more like ice cream! After about 45 minutes of fun rolling the Ice Cream ball around, we had a great snack! 🙂


The above picture is the ice cream after being in the freezer for a few hours. For comparison, the ice cream is very similar to a Wendy’s Frosty in taste, texture, and with how it freezes/thaws.

Overall, this was a fun product!! 🙂 In fact, Munchkin and Monkey asked if we could make it again today!!

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